Volunteer as a participant

The CCN Lab is now recruiting for several paid research opportunities. Time slots are flexible and tailored to your schedule. Read more about each opportunity below, and contact the appropriate person if you are interested in participating.

Open positions in the lab

Post-doctoral researcher

I am looking to hire a post-doc interested in reinforcement learning, decision-making and executive functions.

You should have (or be nearing completion of) a PhD in psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science, or a related field. Ideal candidates would have expertise collecting and analyzing EEG or fMRI data, experience in developmental or patient studies, or both. Experience in computational modeling is also highly desirable, and programming experience is essential. However, I welcome applications from anyone with experience and interest in RL, decision-making, or executive functions.

This position can begin immediately, but the start date is flexible. To apply, please send your CV, contact information for your references, and a short letter about why you’re interested in this position to Anne Collins.

We are always looking for motivated undergraduate or graduate students to join the lab. If you are interested, here are some skills and methods we use, and that you may learn in the CCN lab:

Research skills

Human experiments
- behavioral experiments' design, coding (psychtoolbox and matlab; Amazon Mechanical Turk), and running
- behavioral data analysis
- EEG experiment design, running and data analysis
- others (patients, genetic, drug studies, ...)

Computational modeling
- reinforcement learning
- model fitting techniques
- Bayesian inference
- biological neural network models
- statistics, machine learning techniques

General skills
- writing
- oral presentations
- data organization
- cooperative work

Contact Anne Collins if you're interested.